Jul 16, 2016

thirty day blog challenge {day 4}

day 4: discuss your views on religion

Now, on this blog, I'm not sure this topic would be entirely relevant or if anyone out there would even care to listen to my thoughts on what might make the world go round. So, instead, I'm going to do a little update on what's happening in this silly little life of mine.

Yesterday, Maine State Ballet began their six-week summer intensive training program, for both students and company members. Every day from 9:30-2:30, we undergo vigorous training that not only gets us in shape for the summer ballet, but I believe keeps us strong all the way through the spring. Without this intense period of non-stop dancing, our bodies wouldn't be able to hold up against the performances we do.

We are so blessed to have Leigh-Ann Esty (former Miami City Ballet dancer and is now joining her twin sister, Sara, on tour with An American in Paris) here in Maine to teach for a handful of weeks. Her positivity, humor, and challenging repertoire that she teaches make the long hours of the day go by in a snap. And now we get to learn from her wonderful boyfriend, Andrei Chagas, of Miami City Ballet, too!

So we are done with week one and I am just barely walking... Stiff and sore, but so happy to be back dancing. I'm enjoying every minute.

This week, we learned a variation from Ballo Della Regina. Oh, Balanchine, how you bruise my toes! Check out this video of Megan Fairchild, who I'm pretty sure defied gravity in this variation. Eager to see what's in store for next week.

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