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Jun 24, 2016

better late than never?...

I'm bad at this, I know. And there are no excuses. But nevertheless, here I am, so write-on I will.


Life has been nothing short of insane since graduation. The last time I wrote personally was May 1... Over a month ago. I was still a college student then and I had this thing called "spare time," which I remember being completely lovely. I'm not trying to be dramatic here, guys (ok, maybe a little bit). Life has just been topsy-turvy lately

Right out of school (literally, I graduated on Saturday, May 14 and started work on Monday), I began working an internship at a local corporation. They're global, but the headquarters are right nearby. My dad actually works there too, but in a completely separate world. Not sure if I've ever written much about him, but he's a Harvard/MIT trained engineer... Yeah, my ballerina/writer/social media inclined/kinesthetically intelligent/artistic mind doesn't operate the same way.

I'm in human resources. It's certainly different from anything else I've ever done and I've come to learn the world of corporate America takes some getting use to. But the money is good and the hours are flexible, which has been a godsend with everything else going on lately.


I love teaching dance. I assisted a class for the first time when I was thirteen or fourteen, and six years later I love it just as much. It's so exciting to be able to share my passion for dance with the next generation, and be able to spark their passion in the same way my teachers did. A beautiful six-hundred year old cycle.

For those of you who don't know or may not remember, I teach at a studio nearer to my current home, as well as dance with a small company - Maine State Ballet. The years have passed and at twenty-years-old, I decided that would be the cut off for participating in MSB's annual recital. Company members are usually invited to join in the top level's recital piece, but I decided to leave it as a time for students to showcase their talents/learned skills. As it should be, right? I get opportunities to perform every few months, and now it's their turn.

So with that, I embarked as a full-fledged member of the crew with Center Stage's annual recital.


And of course... What would I be without my ballet career? Sleeping Beauty was over in a flash, but I have found that it is one of the few ballets that truly became a part of me. I think of it often and miss it whenever I do. 

"The fleeting moments that don't last more than a moment are what makes each day that much more special. I think that's why I love dance so much. They are just moments that go as soon as you dance them." - Janet Davis 

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Moving forward (the only thing we can do), we are taking on two ballets in one show for the summer... Raymonda (a classic tutu ballet) with Can Can Parisian (a Parisian bar scene filled with shenanigans, bar fights, love triangles, the whole nine). Polar opposites that compliment each other perfectly in one blissful evening. I am so excited to say that I will be dancing opposite my sister as one of the leads in Can Can.

Summer intensives begin just after the 4th of July for Maine State Ballet, and I start teaching at another next week. 

Deep breath.

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