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Apr 25, 2016

performance tights review {update}

You may remember my post about Gaynor Minden's Performance Tights. Some girls obsess over a new pair of shoes, some girls fawn over their new sweater (which, let's get real, I do that too), and some get giddy over a pair of tights with strategically placed holes in them... Can you blame me?!

I hate wearing my tights in my shoes. Always have. I typically compare it to trying to sew with gloves on, it's just not right and makes life more difficult. At $17.00 a pair, these tights are not cheap (and don't forget the $10 shipping). And you can't find this product at a discount supplier like Discount Dance Supply or even Amazon.

So yeah, these things aren't easy to get a hold of. With that said, I had these tights for about half a year and wore three different pairs through an entire run of Nutcracker... Not bad, not bad. Seven shows, three dress rehearsals, and they made it out in pretty good shape (except for the one pair that got a little a lot discolored by my royal blue Dew Drop trunks).

So I began MSB's run of Sleeping Beauty ready to rely on my dandy performance tights. I had saved them only for performances, so not to damage them. But, lo and behold, as I slipped them on, I found a run down the back of the leg. With a sigh, I grabbed my other non-royal-blue-stained pair and put those on instead. I look down and yet another run down the leg. Ugh! I can only assume the fabric from costumes snagged the delicate tights on their way on or off my body. I resorted to trying to make due with the blueish pair, so I inspected them before putting them on. Another run.

It happens, I know, and is almost to be expected. But I was really hoping that these tights would have a little more life in them considering they are expensive. I felt it was only right to deliver an update to my lovely readers!

My latest trial run will be with Body Wrappers' Mesh Backseam Convertible Tights. Although they are more expensive, I ended up saving money since the shipping was cheaper. I'll let you know what I think soon!

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