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Mar 12, 2016

march update

It's Saturday night and I'm exhausted. I'm tired of being tired. I had a full week of spring break in which my to-do list had grown to be about a foot long (and this is on an iPhone screen, mind you) and I, in all sincerity accomplished about a third of it... I wanted to have an additional 10-15 pages of my novel and I have one, I wanted to catch up on reading for a class (and didn't), I wanted to sew three pairs of pointe shoes and completed two, I wanted to do a few blog posts and have just now done one, I wanted to nail down a DJ for the wedding... How do the days go by so quickly? Yes, some of that was due in part to procrastination, but almost every day of the week I would find the hours gone and then it was time to go to work or dance. It's truly scary. I wouldn't be surprised if you told me Saturday of two weeks ago was yesterday. 

Alright, that's my venting session on the week that disappeared. This post needs a face lift. 

Good things this week:

Sleeping Beauty rehearsals are going really well.

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I have 40 pages to a novel even if I didn't add many this week... And that's something, right???

My handsome fiance had a birthday this week and I think I managed to make it pretty special with a post-it note treasure hunt.

And, I mean, this was pretty awesome too... My wonderful parents bought me a new laptop as an early graduation present. Anyone who has had to wait for my old one to start up will sigh with relief with me. It was definitely time, but Mom and Dad went above and beyond with this beautiful 2-in-1 with some mega storage, and ultra speed. Feeling very fortunate to have parents that will so willingly support me as I move out of one phase of my life and into another. Time for job searches and the so called, "real world."

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