Mar 28, 2016

becoming aurora

Rehearsals have been running for Aurora since January 22, which officially puts us at just over two months of work. I feel like I keep marveling at how quickly time flies in my writings and I think it's just because when I'm blogging, I step back and reflect on what's actually happening. So only now can I really appreciate how short two months is.

I've hopped between partners a bit and spent hours that I won't bother adding up in front of a mirror or online, researching, learning, adopting, and applying different mannerisms and choices of style for this role. I feel as though I'm coming into my own with the character, learning where to linger and where to use this expression or that. It's becoming really fun, this alternate universe that I get to live in for a couple hours.

And now that I'm catching hold of my identity as a medieval princess, I've started thinking about the physical attributes Aurora has, which includes makeup and headpieces (which is one of the best parts, am I right?). I'm taking some ideas from Kathryn Morgan's YouTube page (if you haven't already checked her out, you should!).

Soft tones and pinkish hues inspire the "Aurora look." I went to WalMart the other night and spent too much on show supplies... Ah, c'est la vie. This college student is sticking with the drug-store brands, sorry Kathryn!

As for headpieces, I've been given my pick between three different dazzling crowns. Undecided at the moment as to which is the one for me, but as one of my fellow Auroras pointed out,

"You could wear a different one every night!" 

Perhaps that's the way to go! We open this Friday... A mere four days... Somebody pinch me.

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