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Feb 2, 2016

winter woes

Spending my days talking about morphemes, syntax, and chapter formatting... Oh, how cold and dreary January can be. The sky is muted, fingers are white with chill, and time seems to drone on like a steam engine, unwavering its progress without consciousness, decision, or reason. Dear, me, how melancholy.

Have the January blues gotten to you too? They're beatin' me down, guys. It's a hard fight. Typically, I find there's no better remedy than a quiet weekend, lots of a tea, and a feel-good flick; something surely on the prescription now.

How are you beating the blues this winter? Tips encouraged!

In other news, helping out a friend with a photo shoot, Aurora interviews, and so, so, so much writing. I mentioned previously that I have to write a novel throughout the course of the semester. 60 page minimum and I'm officially 19 in!... Progress, people. Progress.

Sleeping Beauty is coming up and we have three lovely dancers who have been cast as Aurora. In this video Rhiannon, Veronica and Lizzy talk to us after learning they have the opportunity to take on this daunting role.
Posted by Maine State Ballet on Monday, February 1, 2016

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