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Feb 23, 2016

dancing and dresses

Between Say Yes to the Dress, My Fair Wedding, I Found the Gown, and every other show involving a bride on the search for the perfect dress, so much pressure has been put on brides to experience "the bridal moment." You know the one, the tears erupting from the bride, the sighs of glee from her shopping party, and the indescribable knowing that you have found the perfect gown. It's suppose to be the best dress you've ever worn and the dress you know will make Mr. Right choke up despite every effort to "not be that guy."

 It's a process and we're definitely getting closer to finding "the one." In fact, maybe we already have. The search has helped occupy whatever available space was left in my mind.

A few lessons learned thus far in the semester:

1: Wedding planning is hard

2: Writing is hard

3: Dancing Sleeping Beauty is hard

This past week was February break and I reveled in every bit of my love/hate relationship with it. Just when you're feeling on top of your game (dance-wise, that is) we take a break. Why, I ask you?! I ventured into the studio on this past Thursday for an Aurora coaching session and actually made it through the entire ballet (phew).

In addition to rehearsals, writing a novel, planning a wedding, and fervidly trying to finish my senior year of college in the summa cum laude category, a twist is added to the mix. I mentioned a while back that I would be working in Sleeping Beauty with an old friend who currently resides in the grand ol' Big Apple. We got a chance last month to begin rehearsing before he had to dash back to the city for the month of February. So yes, that means through the whole month (literally until March 1st), I have been without my prince. Fellow principal dancer, Glenn, has been kind enough to work with me in his absence to hopefully make everything flow a little bit smoother once my partner and I reunite. Eager to start putting Sleeping Beauty together in a run-through with any and all pieces to the jigsaw that is a full-length ballet.

Last topic on the agenda... Oh, yes. That novella thing I keep referencing.

I'm quite excited about it.

It's a story about ballet, (go figure) but more specifically about one woman's journey through the joys and tribulations of the lifestyle that include the competitive nature of the beast, supporting oneself financially through their career, balancing everything with a personal life, and the inevitability of injury. I'm toying with the idea of posting the first few pages up here. You'll have to let me know what you think.

It must be at least okay to receive a compliment like this one:

A photo posted by Rhiannon Pelletier (@rhiannonkpelletier) on

Life is cold up here in Maine but it's Tuesday, the sun is shining, my 8:00am class got cancelled and I am administering strikes to my to-do list like I'm the U.S. government. 

All is well.


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