Jan 3, 2016

hello 2016

Maine has encountered its first snowstorm of the season. I can't help but enjoy snow days that boast family dinners, teacups, and Scrabble tournaments. We missed out on a white Christmas but I'll settle for a wintry white New Year.

As the weather turns up here, I and my family are preparing for a Floridian retreat to the happiest place on Earth. We've been looking forward to this for months and now it's only 8 days to departure! I remember when we first scheduled the trip back in the summer and my little brother moaned "It's so far away!". I took a moment to tell him and myself that it would be here before we knew it. Life goes by quicker and quicker each year and boy was I right for once. I'm in astonishment how quickly time flies. Does it ever just baffle you?

because what's a Maine-ah without their Bean boots?

I and a few loved ones reigned in the new year with a galactic bowling adventure. I don't care if we're all adults now, bowling, black lights, and laser tag? I'm there.

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Visits from lifelong friends, flipping through bridal magazines, and homemade brunches enjoyed by all this Sunday. So all in all, life is just wonderful. I'll be back to work on Monday with new warm-ups in hand, also gearing up for our January performance of Tap Tap Jazz which will take place a week after we return from Florida. So in between studying footage from performances past to get tap steps into my head, I've been crafting a few new jazz warm-up routines to kick off the new year. With the help of Panic! At The Disco and their song "LA Devotee," I cannot wait to get to it.

Wishing everyone a happy new year!

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