Jan 28, 2016

looking ahead

Oh, I've done it again, friends... MIA, and completely wrapped up in the hype of the daily grind. Life bolted forward at an incredible rate as soon as we returned home from vacation, not even stopping to allow a breath. School, writing, wedding planning, quizzes, rehearsals upon rehearsals... *breathes heavily* It's almost February and the spring show is underway. Three weekends and twelve shows of Sleeping Beauty, an entire novel to write, and graduation stands between me and the end of the semester. 

A.K.A., "adulthood..."

That's not terrifying. No, not scary at all... I will be dancing Aurora in five shows, Fairy of the Golden Vine in six, and the Sapphire Fairy in three with a single-show-break. It's doable, guys. I've got this... 


I will also be doing a gargantuan #throwbackthursday to yesteryear when I first learned to partner with an old friend. Nathaniel Dombek is taking a moment from his life in the big city to return to his roots as a ballet dancer in southern Maine. This will be the first time we've worked together in years.

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It's always nice to catch up with old friends. To see how far we both have come and where our lives have landed is nothing short of fascinating.

In other news, we have completed our run of the tenth annual Tap Tap Jazz. Smiles and sequins adorned the halls of the Maine State Ballet theater this past weekend. The shows (which were sold to the rafters) went splendidly and were a blast, as always. However, I'm very excited to shift gears and dive further into the core of Sleeping Beauty.

photo courtesy of Maine State Ballet

I began this post this morning and the day started out promisingly and all around regularly. As the hours have progressed, I'm afraid the gray chill outside has become representation of the turn of events. Do you ever just have one of those days? The days that practically push you to your knees and make you wonder what happened or, "why, just why?" It's been one of those days. 

I'm sorry I can't end these words on a happier note. But if this is, in fact, an online diary of sorts, it's all I have to offer.


  1. "Kids: they dance before they learn there is anything that isn't music."
    - William Stafford

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