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Jan 11, 2016

{giveaway} girl through glass


Bet you didn't see that coming, did you? A Dancer's Days is hosting another giveaway!

Over Christmas vacation I read a novel. Now, firstly I must remind you that I am a senior writing and publishing major. I love words and I love books, but as I've studied the literary arts I have become a harsher critic with each passing semester. I seek out aspects that could use improvement and become blatantly bored when a section of a story disinterests me. It's a terrible practice, I know. One that often robs me of the joy of reading. It's not unlike me to put down a book midway and never pick it up again.

Then I picked up Sari Wilson's Girl Through Glass. It is a coming of age story about a young girl living in the "cutthroat world of New York City ballet--a story of obsession and the quest for perfection, trust and betrayal, beauty and lost innocence."

*Read on for the full description*

I received a promotional copy in the mail and cracked it open immediately. I tore through the pages and devoured the words, reading it in a two-day span. Marking my favorite passages as I went, I now have a "personalized" copy to say the least.  As a dancer for an artistic director that worked closely with Balanchine, it's fascinating to hear tales of the times and be transported back to the classroom, standing there with the legendary Mr. B. Hearing stories from my own artistic director certainly sparks interest and my curiosity has been satisfied with this well-constructed and beautifully written work of fiction. As I mentioned before, when two of my favorite things (books and ballet) come together... It's all sorts of magical and this is no exception.

The novel releases January 26th and now you have the chance to win a free copy before it even drops!

How to enter:

1: Tag 2 friends beneath the comments section on Instagram

2: "Like" A Dancer's Days and author Sari Wilson on Facebook

*Bonus points to those who leave a comment below this post!*

~ * ~

The contest is officially open! There will be a one week entry period, concluding next Monday at 8:00am. The winner will be announced on Friday, January 22nd, so be sure to check in!

I am so thrilled to be hosting this giveaway. A huge thank you to Stephanie Cooper for reaching out to me and donating and to Sari Wilson for her enthralling masterpiece that saved me from my book slump. Girl Through Glass is a wonderful addition to the world of ballet media.

Good Luck!


  1. I love books and dancing but I especially love books that are ABOUT dancing. I'm geeking out right now. I loved Bunheads (the book...though the show was great too) and others and have an extensive wish list of dance related books. I just added this one to my Goodreads. Thanks!

    p.s. I don't know if we had to leave this here but my Instagram name is bearika_ballerina and name (for Facebook) is Erika Raelyn Covarrubias.

    1. Congratulations, Erika! You're the winner of the A Dancer's Days giveaway of "Girl Through Glass!" Check in with the latest blog post for further instruction.

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