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Jan 18, 2016

comings and closings

Hello, all!

I am home from Florida slightly tanner (if that's possible for a New England snowflake like myself) and slightly lighter. Sometimes wanderlust is a weight on our conscious and the only remedy is a deep and wholehearted submergence into something different, new, and truly magical. I've been cured!

With my return sadly comes the closing of our giveaway. So hopefully all that wished to enter got to it! I'm very excited to find out which reader will be dedicating 12 hours of their life to reading this novel (because that's how quickly you'll want to devour it). Thank you all for tagging, liking, and following your little hearts out! 

The winner will be announced on Friday so check back in to see if you're the lucky reader!

I'm hoping those of you that are new to A Dancer's Days will stick around with me and share in my journey in this online diary of sorts.

I really would like to talk about resolutions and I'm very curious to hear what some of yours are! Whether they be dance related or reflections of lifestyle, new ideas for improvement are always welcomed and encouraged. Comment below to share!

In the mean time, I'm back to the reality of teaching, dancing, and my final semester of college (Ah!) which demands of me to write a story novel in a single term and submit it for publication... How it's all going to happen, I don't know but here's hoping it does and that 2016 brings with it new experiences, lessons, and adventures.

~ * ~

Ps: I can finally say, "I'm getting married next year!" and I'm loving it! 

Until, Friday, dancers!

1 comment:

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