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Dec 2, 2015

one down

One weekend down... One to go. It's always a whirlwind. Blink and the whole experience is over. That's how being on stage feels to me; it's fleeting. Always fleeting.
Every eight count that passes brings you seconds closer to the end. Part of you hopes for it. This is hard, after all, and that feeling of triumphant relief is oh-so sweet. But as soon as it's over all we want is to bring it back. I'm doing my best to enjoy it, to breathe, and to push on, making each performance rival the last.

Hoping everyone had a beautiful Thanksgiving and continue to enjoy the wondrous Nutcracker season.



one must love how Thanksgiving plops itself smack-dab in the middle of Nutcracker...
One must also love the charming accompaniment to our dinner below!

my Secret Santa strikes...

pre-performance flowers will never be discouraged

and neither will post-performance flowers
but everyone gives flowers, give your special ballerina a pineapple after their final bow... definitely a first!

and Secret Santa strikes again!...

good friends give good gifts... And this one is perfect.

the bridesmaids <3

guys, a tip, coming to one show is required, but coming to multiple = major brownie points

... More to come soon, friends!


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