Dec 21, 2015

bridesmaids boxes that won't break the bank

Firstly, I'm really pleased with the alliteration in the title of this post. Secondly, as you might know, I'm planning a wedding! Although this blog is a space primarily to write about my dance career and the many lessons and adventures that go along with it, it is also a digital journal of sorts and I hope to share my journey with you dear readers in its entirety.

With that said, I've said yes to the perfect man, and now I can only hope that all my girls will say yes to being with me throughout this time of transition and adventures to come. I wanted to do something special and who doesn't love all the "bridesmaid proposal boxes" scattered on Pinterest? As I looked into putting my own together I realized putting five of these together was going to be ridiculously expensive. For a twenty year old college student/part-time dance teacher/ballerina that needs to buy pointe shoes/part-time magazine editorial assistant who can't quite afford to move out of home yet, I wasn't exactly prepared to spend five-hundred dollars on boxes of goodies.

So I set out to put a smile on my potential bridesmaids' faces with a budget I could work with and I would definitely consider it a success!

what's inside and where to find it:

I think it's safe to say they loved them. All my ladies came to the same Nutcracker performance and we gathered at a restaurant afterwards to celebrate where I had the opportunity to surprise them!