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Nov 23, 2015

the 5 nutcracker must-haves

What ever could be on a Sugarplum or Dew Drop's packing list? Well, lots of things. But here are the things every Nutcracker ballerina can't and shouldn't live without.

1. Arnica

No smell, no stickiness, no pain. It's like Tiger Balm without the tingling. When I'm feeling the twinge of my Achilles tendinitis or ache in my lower back (something I've been battling all season), I reach for the arnica gel. You can find this at your local pharmacy.

2. ELF Makeup Palettes

I don't perform without it. Every ballerina needs choices for her makeup and an Endless Eyes Pro Palette is just the ticket. And the price you can get them for at elfcosmetics.com can't be beaten. Makes the perfect Secret Santa present!

3. Gaynor Minden Performance Tights

I came across these not long ago and now find myself wondering where they've been all my life. You get the sleek look of having tights in your shoes without the bunchy and (to me) unbearable handicapped feeling. I bought myself three pairs to get through the Nutcracker season and I am just pleased! I'll be accumulating more throughout the new year without question.

4. Knot Keepers

Every dancer knows them and I have yet to come across a dancer who doesn't love them. Gone are the days of reluctantly trusting hairspray, eyelash glue, and even stitches to hold in your ribbons. I love Knot Keepers but if you're not a fan of the price, some clear Band-Aids may just be the solution for you. It's virtually the same product at a fraction of the price and they're available anywhere. So in those unsuspected moments of need, you won't be left empty handed with your pointe shoe ribbons flailing all over the place.

5. A Really Great Pair of Leg Warmers

Every ballerina needs that one pair of the perfect, comfy, go-to legwarmers. Whether in between acts or just roles, it's so important to keep your body warm. One of my favorite pair was actually handmade by a friend, so sometimes to find the best new addition to your dance wear wardrobe, you don't have to look far. One of my other favorites is the full legwarmer by Rubia Wear. You'll likely always catch me in either one of these cozy creations.


  1. This is perfect! Thanks so much-- I am totally going to buy the Arnica gel. Thanks for posting!

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed, Elissa! Thank you so much for reading and commenting :)