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Oct 21, 2015

wedding wednesday {tiler and robbie}

Tiler Peck and Robbie Fairchild have been the sweethearts of the ballet community in America for more than a decade. The two were married on June 22, 2014, they had been friends, partners and colleagues first as teenagers at the School of American Ballet (she was 13, he was 15), and then as members of the City Ballet, where they often danced together as principals.

My sister Adrienne sent this video listed below over to me and I had to take a moment to recover. Have you ever seen a couple so genuinely happy? Or a man so overcome with joy to see his soon-to-be wife that he catches his breath? It's amazing to see a couple that works in one of the most demanding and stressful environments come to be so completely happy.

Emily Andrews for the New York Times
According to a New York Times article, after being together constantly for so many years, the time after marriage has largely been spent apart. Robbie has been starring in An American in Paris both in Paris and now on Broadway for which he has been nominated for a Tony, while Tiler has been in Washington preparing the musical Little Dancer, directed by Susan Stroman, which she hopes will come to New York. While that was being discussed, Tiler was dancing the spring and winter seasons with New York City Ballet.

"'Everyone said the first year would be so much fun being together, but for us that’s been put on hold,' Ms. Peck said.

[Robbie] said: 'Before we were married, we had the perfect scenario - we did everything together. We could just look at one another across the room in ballet class, and that was enough to check in... Being just a guy, I hadn't thought through what being separated would mean for our relationship. For us as a couple, I wouldn't say this year was magical, but at the end of the day, there's a sense of belonging. We're partners in life. It's like watering your garden. A marriage has to be tended to.'" - NYT

I think the look on his face says it all. The day before my engagement party last weekend, lifelong family friends Emily, Natalie, and their mother Johanna were staying the night to help set up. To my surprise and delight, they pulled a  golden bottle of champagne out of their tote and everyone raised a glass to me and my fiancĂ©. My mother Beth, Adrienne, and our three friends took turns saying a few words that hit Travis and I much harder than we were prepared for. It was a memory I will never forget. One piece of marital advice Johanna gave has stuck with me:


"If you have that initial attraction and chemistry that exists deep inside, no matter what happens or how bad things get, if you can return to that and just look at the other person and remember why you fell in love in the first place, it'll all be alright."

left to right: Mom, Natalie, Johanna

left to right: Emily, Brenna, myself, Jenna, Adrienne, Natalie

Don't you just see that in their eyes? Raw, unadulterated, easy, effortless chemistry. Two people that were simply meant to be soulmates. Doesn't it make you feel just a little better about the world to know that exists?

~ Enjoy ~

Soon to come: Western Roundup experiences and Nutcracker music in the not- so-distant-distance.



  1. aweeee! Omg, what a sweet story!

  2. Thanks for sharing! Such a sweet story...they have always been two of my favorite people in the dance world.