Oct 20, 2015

hoedowns and happy days

Western Roundup has gone almost as quickly as it came. A pas de deux quickly pieced together in three rehearsals prior to performance actually pulled through (wipes brow nonchalantly but was rapidly crumbling on the inside).

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The review was glowing and it's an honor to be featured in the Portland Press once again!

"The second dance, “Western Roundup,” was a more straightforward dance number, but it appealed to a younger audience with its theme and exaggerations. Male dancers in cowboy hats stuck their thumbs in the belts as female dancers in satin dancehall dresses vied for their attention. In particularly rowdy moments, the cowboys danced with huge leaps and bravado and the girls one-upped them with dynamic spins and pointe work.

Meile’s choreography in nine sections had the full company of 19 dancers performing to traditional folk songs like “Yellow Rose of Texas” and “Don’t Fence Me In.” The stand-out duet was danced by Rhiannon Pelletier and Glenn Davis to the song “Shenandoah,” a slow lyrical dance that featured complex partnering with difficult balletic turns and balances that came off effortlessly, displaying true professional ballet grace and strength." - Jessica Lockhart with the Portland Press Herald

It's always nice to have a high-cardio and low-stress ballet to gear the company up for the Nutcracker season without wearing us down.

Photo courtesy of Maine State Ballet

Photo courtesy of Maine State Ballet

A long exposure shows the red curtain closing at the end of "Western Roundup" by Maine State Ballet in Falmouth. — Gabe Souza/Staff Photographer (Portland Press Herald)
And with this, I'm hearing the Nutcracker overture growing steadily in the background... Sugar Plum rehearsal updates to come soon, my friends!

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