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Oct 28, 2015

calm down, sugarplum.

Two words:

Calm. Down.

As my director told me the first time I walked into a Sugarplum rehearsal, "It's a harp and it's Merrill Auditorium (Maine's largest theater) and you're all alone on a great big stage. The older you get and the more times you do it, the more you realize that it's a big deal. And that pressure is hard to handle."
And the only way to get through it successfully is to harness all that pressure, take a deep breath, let it go, and calm down.

Thank goodness for a partner that makes rehearsals a little bit lighter!

We are four rehearsals and just over four weeks out until opening day of Maine State Ballet's The Nutcracker.

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  1. Great advice! Performing is so much about mental stamina.