Oct 26, 2015

an engagement to remember

On what turned out to be the perfect Maine autumn's day, two weeks ago Travis and I had a handful of our family and friends over to celebrate our recent engagement (if you don't remember, allow me to refresh your memory!). There was food, laughter, tears, reminiscing, and so much love. It was a day to be remembered and Travis and I are so grateful to everyone who took the time out of a treasured Sunday to support us.

It made me realize how lucky I am to have my people. You know the ones. The individuals who drop everything on a holiday weekend to get dressed up, fill the house with d├ęcor found on Pinterest, spend a morning and afternoon in the kitchen preparing the most wonderful food, drink, and be merry for a day to kick off one of the most monumental journeys of your life.

 I love my people.

So thank you in particular to my wonderful sister Adrienne, my ever-generous and devoted mother Beth, my honorary sisters Emily and Natalie, second mother Johanna, best friend Jenna, and loving cousin Brenna. You guys have made this happy time more wonderful than I could have ever imagined.

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