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Sep 4, 2015

the lowdown {september 2015}


A last remaining shred of summer heat remains as the signs of autumn slowly come trickling in. The air is drier, the nights colder, and the days are shorter.

But who doesn't love autumn? Let alone autumn in Maine. The crisp air, morning frost on an array of painted leaves, tart apples, and, of course, L. L. Bean boots (which, I'd like to acknowledge, I wore before they were the latest fashion trend on the East Coast). 

Travis (my other half) is attending graduate school in pursuit of his MBA. Although that entails early morning hours of work and long evenings of classes and I fear I will hardly see him throughout the semester, I could not be more proud. It will be more than worth it in the end.

Adrienne (my sister and spirit animal) has begun culinary school and I fear I will hardly see her this semester either... But I'm more than certain that the baked goods and leftover meals she'll hopefully be bringing home will ease the pain. She has more than a knack for baking. The artistry she displays in the dance studio is reflected in the impeccably swirled icing atop her pumpkin spice cupcakes (which by the way, I am craving. Hint, hint, Adri!). 



It is September 4th and I am one week into my final year of school (and whenever I use the word "final" my father likes to gently remind me that graduate school is always an option... Thanks, Dad [I think]!) How I have come to be a senior in college and nine days away from turning twenty, I will never know. They're not kidding when they say it goes by fast.

the annual "mother-fawning-and-slightly-dying-on-the-inside-but-still-insists-on-taking-a-photo-on-the-first-day-back-to-school-except-this-time-is-the-last" tradition

I love Saint Joseph's College and I have met people that I feel certain will be lifelong friends, but I am excited to see what my professional future has in store. Somewhat terrified, but excited all the same. I think everyone has that moment (or many moments) when the reality of adulthood begins to loom closer and closer above our heads and its nearness grows increasingly unsettling. But that won't make it slow down so I suppose the only thing to do is buckle up and hold on for the ride. Something I'm working diligently at mastering.

It will be a busy semester but I've soaked in every minute of back-to-school shopping I could get (an avid love of mine) so we're off to a good start.


I can practically hear the Nutcracker overture already! It is all at once an exciting, nerve wracking, and maddening side effect of the turn of summer. Nutcracker auditions for the Maine State Ballet School and Company are held next Friday and Saturday. Yes, even the Sugar Plum Fairies have to audition. For the company members it is indeed a formality but I don't mind in the least because it's a humbling yearly reminder of where we started ourselves. Little ballerinas that have hardly grown into their hair buns dressed in black leotards and look around nervously as their mothers pin an audition number onto them. Even still, we can all remember what that was like.

In the midst of Nutcracker hoopla, the company is preparing for our fall ballet, Peter and the Wolf coupled with Western Roundup. Adrienne will be featured as "The Bird" in Peter and I will be featured in Western. They're short and sweet ballets but they're another chance to perform. I am dancing with fellow MSB principal Glenn Davis. Western Roundup is somewhat reminiscent of George Balanchine's Rodeo and it is one of the most fun ballets in our repertoire. 

This time of year I'm usually ailed by that terribly nostalgic longing for it to be the start of summer again. But September has surprised me with an easy acceptance for the change of pace. I look ahead on the school year with eagerness.

Stay tuned next week for audition tips and tricks as the Nutcracker auditions approach!

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