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Sep 18, 2015

change of plans

The plan for today was originally to do a post about dance rehearsal styles featuring some photos of my coworkers during class and rehearsals, but there has been a slight change of plans!...

On Saturday, I experienced a very big moment in life. One I had been hoping for but certainly didn't anticipate coming in the near future.

As you may know, I've been with this wonderful man named Travis for a while now. It's a cliche but he's my other half. By now it seems like we've known each other for our entire lives and I am more confident in the fact that he is the one for me than anything else going on in this crazy thing called life

He has made me feel more lighthearted, determined, angry, loved, emotional, and blissfully elated than ever before in my existence. I thank my lucky stars every day that we met.

Saturday, September 12th happened to be my father's birthday and Sunday was my own. We were plagued with poor weather forecasted for Sunday but Saturday was as beautiful as a mid-September day could be. For my birthday we had planned to make our way up to the gorgeous Quaker Ridge (a hilltop in Casco, Maine in which you can see many of the surrounding lakes and the most radiant sunset {photo evidence})for birthday cake and champagne. But with the impending gloomy weather, that plan had to be nixed.

I knew something was up when the cancellation of this plan and formation of a new one suddenly became a big deal. It was all my family could discuss. I wasn't sure what to do... Go anyway and hope the weather held up, find something else to do on Sunday, or, as my father suggested, hijack his birthday (which we often do. Oh, the struggles of back-to-back birthdays!) and go up that evening.

In the end, my father so nobly decided that he wanted to go up to Quaker Ridge to see the sunset for his own birthday, and all was well.

My suspicion grew when Travis announced he had receieved a text from his mother informing him that his family's lawn mower had broken and he needed to help his dad fix it and would likely not be able to join us and the ridge...

However, I really caught on when my mother said, "We're going to take a family photo for the Christmas card at the top of the hill, so dress nicely." I knew a surprise of some sort was coming, I just assumed it would be for my birthday.

So when we hop in the van, climb the hill, reach the top and I see Travis' mother sitting on a picnic table with utter glee constructing her smile, I didn't know what to think.

And then, underneath a gazebo of vines and ivory flowers, was this gorgeous man standing in a bed of rose petals. I was a goner.

I just feel like the luckiest girl in the world.



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