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Aug 30, 2015

ombre heaven

Let me introduce you to the Intermezzo Dip-Dye Leotard...

Within the beautiful selection of First Position Dancewear lies a leotard that makes fellow barre-mates take a moment amidst plies and tendus to stare at the beautiful fabric. In an environment of people you see on a daily basis, it isn't hard for people to notice new trends.

Twirling around in this leotard during pas de deux class was often the highlight of my week. A high enough cut to offer support and a sleek enough fabric to be flattering. I love this leotard. The dip-dyed rose color paired with delicate shoulder straps amplifies the feminine lines. The fabric is sturdy and even dabbles on the verge of shape-wear.

It runs a bit small so for those of you on the curvier side like myself, I'd recommend a medium (shown in the pictures above).

Thank you so much to First Position Dancewear for this piece of wearable artwork!

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Aug 25, 2015

moving day

With Maine State Ballet's recent announcement of promotions back in the spring, the dressing rooms are now experiencing a tectonic shift both to give the "biggies" a better space and to introduce the new apprentices to the room.

I'll be sharing a space with my new table-mate, Maddie. Over vacation we decided to make the trip in and give it a few homey touches including photo collages, a string of twinkling lights, and scented candles.

Home sweet home!

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Aug 22, 2015

taking the opportunity

As usual, I'm not even sure where to begin.
When I left off, we were preparing for Coppelia and I still wasn't convinced I would be able to make it through the full three acts... But here we are eighteen acts, six shows, and seven pairs of pointe shoes later and I am heartbroken to see this production close.

This was undoubtedly the most fun I have ever had on stage in my life. The acting, the music, the laughter, the beauty of our staging and costumes... It was an experience I will never forget.

miele davis photography

I am so incredibly lucky to have had this opportunity.

I learned a few things from this experience, one being you can't gun for a triple fouette, they just happen when you relax and "ride the turns" as my mentor and teacher, Janet Davis, always tells me. In the final show somehow two were thrown into the coda, still not sure how it happened. 

I also learned that having my family involved in the production makes the experience that much sweeter.

A photo posted by Rhiannon Pelletier (@rhiannonkpelletier) on

I learned that sometimes non-dancers will never quite understand what the shows mean to us or why the littlest things like hitting a balance or what the artistic director said to you after the show mean more than we could explain, and that's okay (but yes, he did come to two shows which earned major brownie points).

I learned that we need to savor the moments. If you told me we had another weekend of Coppelia, I'd be thrilled. When the calm after the storm of performance arrives, it's unsettling. What now? You have to search to pick up where your life left off.

It is nice and somewhat necessary to get your partner a present near the end of the run... They put up with a lot of our crap and keep us upright. "Nice job," doesn't always cut it.

miele davis photography

I learned it's important to laugh. Take the rehearsals seriously, but bring life to the performances. Actually being happy will always be more believable than acting it. How can you expect an audience to have fun if you're not? At least I can say there has never been another time I've had that much fun on stage.

We are so excited for tomorrow's opening night of Coppelia that we made a cute little music video for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy! For tickets to this charming 3 act ballet visit mainestateballet.org
Posted by Maine State Ballet on Wednesday, August 5, 2015
I learned it's important to take care when signing autographs... Some little kid will have that on their bedroom wall for years to come and I know this because I was that kid.

janet and i 2008 to now...

I learned that I just love dancing. Sure, I knew that before too, but in between the technique classes, rehearsals, and injuries, we tend to forget why we do this in the first place. Having a dance mother/audience member hug me after a performance and thank me for "the joy I brought to everyone in that room" reminded me of everything I could have forgotten. Seeing tears in the eyes of my mentors and teachers and coaches and family and friends filled me with more gratitude and elation than I could ever possibly put into words. This show has humbled me immensely and in the end I only wish I could have given more.

always take the opportunity to dance

cheers to summer 2015

miele davis photography

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