Jul 30, 2015

{throwback thursday} bar harbor retreat

Bar Harbor is undoubtedly a tourist town, and for a handful of Maine natives, we like to poke our fun at the tourists from time to time. The bad drivers, noisy lake neighbors, and did I mention the bad drivers? But as a handful of Maine natives, isn't it only right that we get to appreciate the beauty our home has to offer too? When Travis told me he had never been there before, I immediately set out to plan a weekend-long, affordable vacation for us, a close friend of mine that shares my major at Saint Joseph's College, and her boyfriend.

After long nights of staring at excel spreadsheet packing and grocery lists (yes, I am that much of a nut) we finally hit the road for the trip up north.

Adventures abundant with rock climbing, vertical hikes, whale watching, biking carriage trails, late night barbeques, and games of Cards Against Humanity, the weekend was one I will never forget. I'd recommend everything we did and even do it again myself.

-camping at mount desert campground-

*beautiful campsite. quiet, peaceful, beautiful waterfront views. even the woodsy area where we stayed (for a lesser cost than a waterfront site) was wonderful.*

-whale watch-

*would recommend closer to august. sadly, we only spotted one whale and freezed our butts off. parkas are necessary!*

-climbing cadillac mountain-

*with a car, of course. cadillac mountain is the first place in the united states to see the sun rise. undeniably magical.*

-dinner at jordan pond house-

*buttery popovers with house strawberry jam, creamy lobster stew, flavor-bursting blueberry lemonade... let's put it this way, I have dreams about their food. jordan pond house is one stop you just can't skip when in acadia.*

-sand beach-

*it's as close to hawaii as new england could get.*

-beehive summit hike-

*the photo below says enough. the view was breathtaking.*



-rock climbing with atlantic climbing school-

*1: rock climbing is incredibly difficult
2: the atlantic climbing school instructors were amazing and didn't make us feel like we were completely incompetent (even though we were, with the exception of josh who was basically a monkey)
3: would highly recommend!*


*view from the top of our first climb*

-downtown bar harbor-

*quaint, gorgeous coastal town. plenty of nighttime activites. the perfect end to the perfect trip*

 for questions about what we did/where we went or advice for your acadia adventure, shoot me an email <3

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