Jul 26, 2015

saturday grind

Took my day off yesterday to indulge in a little cross training. A light workout to keep stamina levels up and muscles mobile left me feeling absolutely refreshed especially after a big Saturday brunch. Having Trainer Trav around is always handy!

The perfect "recovery day" workout during summer intensives:
Spin a mile on the bike
Squat to presses x 10 (I used 8lb weights)
Medicine ball slams x 15 (I used a 16lb medicine ball)
TRX rows x 20

-repeat three to four times-

Sit-ups x40
Bicycles x 15 on each side
Reverse sit-ups x 20
Penguins x10
-repeat three to four times-
I'll admit, I'm feeling a little sore this morning which reminds me I haven't exercised my muscles in that way since the beginning of summer intensives (three weeks ago!). However, I'm definitely glad I got up and moving yesterday, leaving room for a late-night ice cream run which hit the spot hard.
hope you're all enjoying your weekend <3
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