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Jun 9, 2015

the 'in between' workout

Every year there are several lovely little gaps of complete and utter down-time. One is after summer programs have ended and before the fall season begins, and one is after the fall season has ended and before summer programs begin, the time we're about to wade into. Classes stop, rehearsals are over, and it seems like an eternity before summer programs begin. And the best part? Often placement classes at these summer programs are the very first thing to occur after move-in day, so one class determines the level you'll fall in for the entire summer. I think I'm not alone in saying everyone wants to be on top of their game.

Many studios offer interim classes which is a fantastic resource. But not all dancers have access to such classes or even a studio. But, perhaps you have access to a gym or just some basic equipment. Oftentimes I'll walk into the gym and have no idea what I want to do. I do a lot of online searching for workouts when I can't badger Travis (my personal-trainer-boyfriend and other half) to construct one for me. However, he has done so for us today. Here is a workout by Trainer Travis to keep your stamina and strength up during the dreaded "in between" time.
For this workout, you'll need some weights, a kettle bell (or you can substitute it for a regular weight), a box or chair of about knee-height, and a jump rope.

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Start with a warm-up of spinning on a bike for five miles (alternate: jog or perform a warm-up of your choice)

Round One

Walking lunges x 40 (20 on each leg)
Goblet squat x 20
Jog one mile
Box step-ups x40 (20 on each leg)
Kettle bell swings x20 (10 each arm)
Box jumps x20
Jump rope x150

Round Two

Walking lunges x 30 (15 on each leg)
Goblet squat x15
Jog 3/4 mile
Box step-ups x30 (15 on each leg)
Kettle bell swings x15 (alternating arms)
Box jumps x15
Jump rope x125

Round Three

Walking lunges x20 (10 on each leg)
Goblet squat x10
Jog 1/2 mile
Box step-ups x20 (10 on each leg)
Kettle bell swings x10 (alternating arms)
Box jumps x15
Jump rope x125
If you're feeling up to it after that (let me be frank and say that workout kicked my a**), here is round four. It looks easy but mind you, this round is not for the faint of heart!

Round Four

Walking lunges x10 (5 on each leg)
Goblet squat x5
Jog 1/4 mile
Box step-ups x10 (5 on each leg)
Kettle bell swings x5 (on each arm)
Box jumps x10
Jump rope x100


Sit ups x30
Reverse sit ups x20
Dead bugs x10
Side plank 30sec (on each side)
Repeat 3 times
This workout is completely killer. I barely made it through but it will definitely keep your stamina up. For questions about exercises or anything else, please email me or leave a comment below (I love questions and comments!).
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