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May 12, 2015

the lowdown: may 2015


There are few things I dislike more than being sick, and for whatever reason I find myself fallen ill far more often than I'd like. After trying a new restaurant for Mother's Day,  I was greeted at 4:30 AM with the rude awakening of food poisoning. Thus, my next twenty-four hours were shot. After celebrating all that my mother does for me and my two siblings, her superpowers were put into practice not five hours after the day she could put them to rest. Mothers really do never get a break.
It's belated on this medium but Happy Mother's Day to the most selfless, passionate, and devoted parent. Don't know what I'd do without you.

Nutcracker 2014
It's days like yesterday that make me feel living at home still isn't such a bad thing! Eighty degree weekends in May aren't so bad either. Last week was stunning.

Dinner and a show with Trav. Gorgeous Maine sunset in May.

Chiminea on the deck with the family

Our Chihuahua, Bella. Yes, our Chihuahua is named after the coach of the New England Patriots, Coach Belichick.




I have emerged on the light end of the tunnel that is finals week. The boulders that had been resting on my shoulders for a solid month have been lifted and I am a free woman... For the most part!
Through the month of May, I am thrilled to be interning with Taproot Magazine, an absolutely stunning publication about homesteading.
The editor Amanda Soule is a close friend of my mother's and I have taught two of her boys in my advanced jazz class. Amanda is the epitome of gentle grace and natural living, surrounding herself with the organics of life and flawlessly incorporating the routines of centuries ago with those of the twenty-first century. I am honored to be learning so much from this amazing woman.

With this internship, I will have enough credits to finish my senior year and be ready to graduate by the spring of 2016. It's truly unbelievable. Everyone always tells you the older you get, the faster time flies. It's difficult to understand the truth to that until you experience it yourself...


Recital season is upon us. It's a time of stress and chaos but also great reward. It's what we teachers and students work towards all year. Seeing your kids out there dancing your choreography, losing themselves in the movement, makes all the hard work of the fall and winter seasons worth it. It's important to hold fast to that feeling throughout the year during the days of weariness, loss of heart, and lack of enthusiasm. If you expect your students to maintain energy and interest, you need to expect the same of yourself as a teacher.
Recital 2014
This weekend will be the recital with Maine State Ballet in which I have four classes dancing a long with the company ballet number I will perform in myself. Every recital the company does a ballet piece to invoke a little inspiration amongst the young ones. Pictures to come of this year!
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