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Jun 17, 2014

Dancer S.O.S - Rehabilitation

Hi my name is Joy and I'm twelve years old and I have been dancing for
nine years and I have a few questions... I just had knee surgery in
December to remove a cyst on my meniscus and I am doing physical
therapy right now and I'm going back to ballet class in two weeks. How
do I get my strength back in my leg without strengthening the other
leg at the same time? Do you think I could do my pointe work at the
barrĂ©? I hope you can reply to this  email.

                                                      Thanks, Joy

Dear Joy,

I don't want to pretend that I am some kind of medical expert, so first and foremost I think you should definitely talk with your doctor about any concerns you have...

But, I have dealt with my fair share of injuries and I'm sure there will be more. It's difficult getting back into the game after being hurt, trust me I know! I think first and foremost you should just focus on taking regular class. Dance like you usually would. In my experience, as long as you continue to stretch both legs evenly and work both legs evenly, your recovering leg will slowly catch up.

As for pointe work, as long as your doctor has OK'd it, I would slowly work into it. Start by just wearing shoes for barre of your pointe or technique class. As you start to feel stronger, wear them for a combination or two longer, slowly working up to center work. I would also recommend continuing physical therapy as long as you can, but of course talk to your doctor first.

I hope this helps, Joy!

All my best and wishing you a speedy recovery,

Rhiannon -

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Rhiannon -

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