Mar 6, 2014

March Update

Happy Thursday, everyone!
Just finished up with a digital media class mid-term... Hoping it went well (fingers crossed!). It's been a while since I update you lovely readers on what's going on in this topsy-turvy world of mine. So let's sit down, have a cup of coffee, and do some catching up. Shall we?

Firstly and most importantly, next week is spring break! Woo! Of course there are still dance classes, rehearsals, and work to be done so no, sadly, I will not be galavanting off to Florida. HOWEVER, in May my family and I are off to Hawaii for two weeks! I can't tell you how excited I am. And it works out perfectly because we're on break from dance at that time. I've never even been on a plane, guys, this is a big deal for me! The farthest I've ever traveled is Toronto to the North or Orlando to the South.

Secondly, Maine State Ballet's production of Cinderella is approaching fast. 15 bleeping shows! It's a suicide mission really, but we'll crank 'em out like we always do. You may already know that I'm round-robbin-ing my roles as the Fairy Godmother, the Persian Princess, and a Princess at the Ball. You may also know that for a little over a month now, I've been nursing an injury.

Ankle tendonitis. Inflammation of a tendon doesn't sound like it would be all that painful, but there were times when it was verging on unbearable. Thankfully, it's healing slowly but surely. I don't have to wear the air cast at home anymore and I can take full classes on demo-point, which is exciting. I'm still lugging the boot around at school which makes for quite the fashion statement but worse things have surely happened so I can't complain. On Friday I finally get to start incorporating some pointe work.

Several posts back I spoke of this common illness among injured dancers known as "injury depression." Yeah, I certainly can vouch for its validity. I have dreams about dancing on pointe and turning and partnering. I crave it. But pushing myself too hard now after a month of resting seems like the most unwise thing I could possibly do. Ugh!

Tomorrow Travis and I will reach eleven months and my how it's flown. It's cheesy but I know I'm extraordinarily lucky. This Saturday is his twenty-fourth birthday. After a 11:30 to 3:30 Cinderella run-through I'll dash over to one of his favorite Japanese restaurants. How could you go wrong with delicious Japanese food cooked on a table 6 inches from your seat? 
Saturdays are my favorite. Warming up and rehearsing a ballet through the morning and afternoon and then you're free to spend the rest of the day as you please. Do you ever feel like you're living weekend to weekend and the stuff in the middle is all repetitive aimlessness? 


Then you must be doing something right.

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Thanks for reading, lovelies!

Rhiannon -

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