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Mar 4, 2014

Find of the Week: With♥ by Maddie Skirts

With birthdays and holidays constantly creeping up on us, it's never to early to shop for the ballerina in your life or (if you are the ballerina) treat yourself! This week, I simply have to share the story of this young lady manufacturing hand-made skirts that are chic and simply adorable. And the best part? They're 15 bucks. You can get the same skirt online for about twice the cost. Usually I'd wait to feature a product that I like in a "ballerina Christmas shopping list" or "the must-have items for summer workshops", but these are too gorgeous to wait until then. I'm a big fan of supporting makers that truly understand dance and how the dancer wants to feel. And who can know that better than an actual dancer? Here's a little back story of the organization:

"I started making these skirts to keep busy while taking a little break from dancing. I wanted to do something that would still connect me to dance but also allow me to take a much needed rest. A lot of times I like to just wear tights and a leotard because I think it allows me to work my technique more, but as any dancer knows there are those days when you just feel like covering up. At first, I started making these skirts for myself, so that I could have a cute and comfortable way to express my style while still looking professional for ballet class. I got completely hooked on making them and other people seemed to enjoy them also... so with♥bymaddie skirts were born! Each skirt is handmade and designed to fit each dancer slightly differently. Growing up at a small ballet company I have always taken pride in the fact that our dancers don't all look exactly the same, like they do at some bigger companies. I have taken this to heart when making my skirts because they are all unique! The style, color, and patterns all vary slightly but that's what makes them so special. I truly love creating these skirts and I hope people enjoy wearing them!"

Feel free to browse these works of art and send in pictures of your with♥bymaddie skirts!

Thanks for reading, lovelies!

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