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Feb 4, 2014

February Update

What's going on in Rhiannon's life? I'll tell you what.

First off, having an injury, to a dancer, is like being in an abusive relationship. The thing you love is hurting you. When speaking with Miami City Ballet stars, Sara and Leigh-Ann Esty, they explained that some dancers who undergo injuries can slip into what they called an "injury depression." Which makes complete sense: not being able to do what you love, lack of exercise, lack of mobility at all, bla, bla, bla. Naturally, a person whose job is to move their bodies isn't going to be very happy. I can relate and can attest to the possibility that it is a real condition.

Right now Maine State Ballet is in the process of rehearsing for Cinderella which we will be doing fifteen shows of in March. So... let's do a little math here. I'm stuck in the boot for a month, no class, no rehearsal, no nothing. If all goes well and I can get out of the boot and dance again after the month, I'll still have an additional month until the show. SO, if all goes according to plan then I will still be able to perform the roles of The Fairy Godmother, and the Persian Princess.

The one thing everyone has told me is that I can't stop moving. Sure, I can't really jump with a block of padding and rods that goes up to my shin, but I need to be moving my body as much as I can. I'm going to try to do a little barre in my boot today... We'll see how that goes (HA)! Luckily teaching in it isn't a problem, I just have to rely on the kids to know when they're supposed to point or flex their feet, as my foot is eternally flexed. Teaching the little ones a new step has been a challenge but my eight-year-olds successfully learned pas de chat yesterday. Whew!

Aside from dance, I have my first ecology exam on Thursday. As some of you may know, I'm a writing and publishing major, so the sciences aren't exactly my thing. I'm a tad nervous but fingers crossed! Still waiting to get my grade on my first French exam back. Again, fingers crossed!

Balancing work, dance, family, and the boyfriend has, believe it or not, become easier. If there's one thing having a crazy schedule has taught me, it's that you have to efficiently manage your time and it's 1000% better to schedule time with those that are important to you. Having a moment to spend time with people you love and take a pause from the obligations of the daily grind is absolutely necessary in order to maintain a state of sanity.

Speaking of which, I have a lunch date with my boyfriend, Travis! I'll see you lovelies soon!

Stay tuned to read the latest in Dancer S.O.S. on the topic of preparing yourself for a career in the dance world. What could you be doing now to get yourself ready? I'll tell you!

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions or remarks then please leave a comment below or e-mail me at: rhiannon@maine.rr.com.

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