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Jan 27, 2014

Update - Injuries and Other Things

Hello, all! Sorry I haven't been so consistent with posts the past few days but I promise I have a valid excuse...

So as some of you may know, I found out a couple weeks ago that I have severe ankle tendonitis and have been hobbling around with a boot for a couple weeks. I've been allowed to dance but whenever I'm not my doctor wanted me in the boot to hopefully help it heal.

Well, the tendonitis has healed but there's an ache further down in my fifth metatarsal that hasn't improved at all. I'm afraid that it may be a fracture. I have an appointment on Friday, so fingers crossed. :(

Maine State Ballet had our annual "Tap Tap Jazz" performance this past weekend in which I had a tap solo and I'm 99% certain that didn't help matters.

It's hard to know when you need to push and just do your job and when you need to hold back and take care of yourself. I'm prancing back and forth over the line of what I can and cannot handle. Even after having two stress fractures in my metatarsals in the past, it's still difficult to know your limits.

I'll be in touch with another update soon. Stay tuned for Wednesday's post in which I'll answer a question about how to make it in the dance world and how to prepare yourself for a job.

Thanks, lovelies!

Rhiannon -

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