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Jan 21, 2014

Dancer S.O.S!

Today's question comes from Ali Smith.

What are some ways to get a better split? Specifically a center split, my hips go to a certain point and then just stop. How can I open them up?

This is an issue that I specifically can relate to. When I slide into a split, my hips go only to a certain degree. I'm not even feeling a stretch in my muscles, my hips just won't continue to open up. Over the years I've experimented with a couple different techinques/exercises to help this. Here are a few tips on getting your splits in general as well as working your center split.

- Warm up before you do them. It's not good to do any kind of stretching when you're cold. So whether you're doing some jumping jacks or running, get your blood pumping first.

- Do them often. If you do your splits once a week, you're not going to get anywhere. Do them at least once daily. Twice has proven to be more effective.

- Stretch in a position for at least 30 seconds. In order for any stretch to be permanent and have a lasting improvement on your muscle's elasticity, you need to do it for at least 30 seconds.

- Breathe. When I'm teaching and have my kids do their splits, often times I hear utter silence and see faces turning red because they're holding their breath. Your muscles need oxygen. Don't deprive yourself of it.

The Frog Stretch - Lay on your stomach and put your feet together with bent knees behind you and relax. Your goal is to get your pelvis on the floor.

So there you have it! Follow these tips and you'll have your splits in no time. If you have any questions or need advice leave a comment below or shoot me an e-mail at: rhiannon@maine.rr.com.

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Thanks for reading, lovelies.

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