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Jan 6, 2014

Audition Season

It's that time of year again, ladies and gentlemen. Grab your tights and put on your dancing shoes because it's audition season. While summer seems like a lifetime away to the "normal" people of the world, we dancers are already thinking ahead to where we'll be hanging our dance bags during the summer of 2014. Auditions can be daunting and nerve racking. The dance world is brutally competitive and everybody's hungry.

Last summer, I attended Boston Ballet's Summer Intensive. It was an amazing experience. I learned so much and met so many amazing people from all the walks of life. My four roommates were from Virginia, Cincinatti, Alaska, and France. A combo that made for some of the most interesting conversations and incredibly fun evenings filled with bubbles of laughter and jaw-dropping stories. 

Summer camps are an experience not to be missed. Aside from the social splendor, I got to stand before some of my favorite ballet dancers, such as Lia Cirio and Margaret Tracey, and learn from them. My technique had never been better.

Anyway, back to topic. Here are five tips to make your audition experience a positive one.

1. Show up early. By getting a low number, you'll be closer to the front near the panel of the staff running the audition and catching their eye will be easier.

2. Look nice, look clean. Keep your hair out of your face in a neat bun, give your cheeks that rosy glow, and wear clean dance attire. No rips, tears, stains, or wispies in your hair. You're trying to make a good first impression. A pleasant appearance that shows that you care and are trying never hurt.

3. Smile. If your knees are knocking in fear, that will come across in your dancing. So take a deep breath, smile, and dance with confidence.

4. Have a good meal before you audition. You'll want to be focused and energized. I usually like to have a healthy dose of protein. Enough so that you're not weighed down, by you're not hungry.

5. Have a healthy perspective and a realistic outcome in mind. For example, I walked into an audition for SAB knowing that I was not the best dancer there, but what they heck, right? I had nothing to lose just by auditioning and I didn't expect to be accepted, so the let down didn't affect my confidence level. Take a look around and know where you stand. I always find auditions to be a humbling experience and you can learn a thing or two by watching and talking to other dancers. 

Break a leg, everybody! What audition rituals/tips and tricks do you have? Leave a comment below to share and discuss!

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  1. One ballet audition tip of mine that I have used over the years:

    First of all, try your best! And don't let the fact that there are some dancers that may be better than you get in the way of things and bring you down. During auditions, put your blinders on and only focus on your success, and not others. And if you aren't accepted, take it as a learning experience, and move on. Don't let it effect you and your happiness, just try again next year, and keep working on things to improve.

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    An audition tip that I have heard........and this is kind of a silly one......... is to stand next to and/or go in a group across the floor with people that are not as good as you, because it will make you look better than them versus standing next to some one who is super good and who can get their leg twice as high up as yours. It will just make you look a little better!

    Also, if you are auditioning with other girls from your studio, try to go in the same group as them and stand next to them as well, because you have had the same training as them and you will be compared to them as having the same type of training versus someone who has different and/or better training than you.

    Just some small tips to hopefully improve your audition experience and increase your chances of getting accepted to wherever you are auditioning for!!