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Nov 14, 2013

The Nutcracker 2013

Jumping to the now, I'd like to give everyone a little update.

Nutcracker season is in full swing. Rehearsals almost every day on top of class, school, and work. It's CRAZY. This year at Maine State Ballet I am reprising the role of the Dew Drop Fairy and making a debut as the Sugar Plum Fairy. I couldn't believe it when the artistic director called me and my sister into her office to tell us that I would be putting on the pink tutu and my sister would step back into the role of Clara for another year.

It's truly surreal rehearsing the role that I've aspired to do since I was eight. It's something I dreamed about but never thought would happen, let alone this soon. And doing a leading role in a ballet beside my sister?! Forget about it. My mom's going to be a mess.

I'd like to chat about taking care of our bodies through this crazy performance season. I have noticed many more aches and pains as I've gotten a little older and have been doing my best to take extreme  care of my body. Here are a few tips:

  • Ice after EVERYTHING. Especially if a certain part of your body is particularly tender, sore, or irritated.
  • Heat before warming up. It really does help and minimizes pain.
  • Take Aleve or Advil before dancing. It makes your body feel brand new and it reduces swelling. They're miracle drugs, trust me.
  • Have a thorough warm up before dancing. Injuries are ten times as likely when you're cold.
  • I've been using a product called Arnica Gel on my bunions and ankles. It's a pain reliever and has really been helping.
  • A good night's sleep is your friend. It keeps you physically revived and prevents you from getting sick
If any of you have tips or tricks that you use/do to take care of yourself then post a comment below! Gotta run to class (Human Nature and Ethics... Ugh). I'll be in touch, lovelies!

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  1. There is actually a supplement that is better for your liver (Aleve and Advil are so bad they actually eat away at the lining). They are called Marcoxymes. They take down inflammation and you have less swelling and pain. I take 5 before and 5 after. You can also supplement with Dr. Christopher's Bone and Tissue. You rub it into your muscles and they feel so much better!