Nov 22, 2013

Pointe Magazine - Whitney Jensen and Cross Training

As I've gotten older I've found cross training to be extremely beneficial to my dancing. It keeps you even more in shape and amplifies your stamina. Check out this article by Pointe Magazine about Boston Ballet's Whitney Jensen and her cross-training schedule.
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The Workout: Whitney Jensen

The Boston Ballet soloist shares her secret for sculpted inner thighs.
Published in the October/November 2013 issue.

Jensen in Jorma Elo's "Plan to B." Photo by Gene Schiavone.
When she was a student prodigy scooping up medals at top competitions, Whitney Jensen didn’t have to do much to keep her body in shape. Now, the 21-year-old hits the gym most days—sometimes even after six hours of rehearsal—to build stamina and keep her metabolism in balance.

Typical routine: 45 minutes on the elliptical or treadmill (walking with intervals between 5 and 5.4 miles per hour), then 25 minutes of Pilates. “Having a gym in my apartment building makes it very convenient.”

Warm-up trick: “I never do strengthening exercises before class. They make my body feel too tight before dancing.”

Problem spot: Shoulders. “My joints are really loose, and can get painful during contemporary work. I have to keep my rotator cuffs strong by working them with a Thera-Band.”

Stamina secret:
“To make sure I have enough energy to get through a ballet, I’ll rehearse by running it twice in a row. Then performing it just the once feels like nothing.”

Favorite stretch: Over-splits using a stack of mats.

For her inner thighs: “Lying on the floor on my side, I put one foot on top of a bench and the other underneath it, then raise my lower leg up to meet the top one 10 times. It kills your inner thighs.”

Recovery Rx: “Every night, I talk to someone from my family—it helps remind me I have a life outside of ballet.”

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