Nov 20, 2013

A Peek - My Current Pointe Shoes

I recently had a request to do an article on the pointe shoes that I'm currently wearing... So reader, this is for you!

I'm currently wearing Suffolk - Stellars.
I'll admit, in the past I wasn't the biggest fan of Suffolks. But as we ballerinas know, our feet are always changing and sometimes a certain shoe works better with a certain dance you're doing. It had been a couple years since I tried a pair but when I put them on, it felt like magic. You know, that feeling when you easily step onto point and the shoe effortlessly hugs your skin and arches into a graceful curve. That feeling.
Two spunky Suffolk spokes-ladies are Sara and Leigh-Ann Esty. Sara, a soloist, and Leigh-Ann, a corps de ballet dancer, are with the Miami City Ballet with roots starting back here at the Maine State Ballet. The wonderful role-models they are, during the summer they came back to Maine for a visit to take/teach classes and give us dancers some advice. This, of course, jumpstarted the Suffolk trend.

These girls are gorgeous. And I mean gorgeous. It was a pleasure to learn from them and listen to all the incredibly stories they had to tell...

Anyway, back to the pointe shoes. Here's the official description:

Handcut to perfection...the Stellar!  Suffolk’s patent pending design is used in the Stellar to offer the dancer a supportive box and arch-hugging insole. The Stellar helps with alignment and correct placement while en pointe. Dancers will feel lifted and will be less likely to sit in this pointe shoe. The medium vamp with the signature Suffolk U shape is handcut to perfection. This low profile shoe with stable platform has a flexible upper vamp for superior comfort and fit. The Stellar offers the same patent pending design found in the Spotlight and the Solo Prequel that helps the dancer get over the platform while fully articulating her feet. Available in Suffolk's light and standard shanks.

I definitely love the articulation in the shoe on demi-pointe. It bends with ease at the metatarsal and makes variations that involve a lot of rolling through the foot, like the Sugarplum variation, easier.

If you have any additional questions or comments then leave one below or e-mail me at: Rhiannon@maine.rr.com.

Thanks, lovelies! And stay tuned!

Rhiannon -


  1. Loved this post!

    I know it depends on usage and roles danced but about how long does a pair of Suffolk Stellars last you?

    1. Of course it varies, but I like to wear the "light shank" shoe. For some reason (and this is probably dependent on the maker) it feels like a totally different shoe compared to the "standard shank." I also rotate shoes between about five pairs. So with the rotation one pair probably lasts me about two months. But if I were to wear one pair straight through without rotating pairs they would probably last about one month.

  2. I would love to see some of your dance demonstrations one of these days. Really good site, ladies.