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Dec 18, 2011

5 Tips to Make Pointe Shoes Last

  1. Jet Glue. When you can feel your box getting soft put a few drips of "Jet Glue" inside your shoe, it works wonders.
  2. Put them in the dryer. Make sure they're on a drying rack, you don't want your shoes to tumble inside the dryer. This sucks the moisture out of your shoes, making them not as squishy and prolonging their lifespan.
  3. Keep them outside of your dance bag. When you're done with your pointe shoes for the day do NOT put them in your dance bag. Being in a confined, non-breathable space can squish them and doesn't allow the moisture from the shoes to escape.
  4. Put nails (also known as tacks) in the shank. If you don't know how to do this then most pointe shoe/dance stores will have the equipment to do so and can show you how. Take a short, small nail and pound it into the shank with a hammer. This makes the shank much stronger.
  5. Rotate your shoes. Rather than wearing the same pair every day, alternate. This gives your shoes a chance to rest and dry out.

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    1. these are really great tips. i've just started rotating my shoes and i love it! no more squishy shoes!!! :)