Nov 13, 2011

Preperations for Class

Although some people believe that barre is "warm up" for the rest of the class, this isn't exactly true. I've found that in order to get the most you can out of a class it's best to go in already warm. So how do you get yourself to that just right warm-but-not-worn-down state? Well, everyone has their own routine and these usually involve going into a classroom or warming up in the hall for a good 15-20 minutes. Here are some basic things that you can do to get ready for class.
For me, class is a lot easer after I've laid in a few splits. When I stretch my hips I don't feel like turning out is so unnatural. I'll usually lay in a center and side splits for several minutes until I'm comfortably flat on the floor.
Getting your leg muscles moving will prevent you from feeling tight during plies and adagio.
If you jump around a little bit this will get you blood flowing and your muscles warm.
One thing that I dislike more than anything, is putting my feet into cold pointe shoes and beginning class with cold feet. It hurts and you're much more likely to get injured. Before putting your pointe shoes on keep your feet warm. Do some relevees and keep a pair of socks or slippers nearby.
Port de bras.
By stretching into the barre, away, forward and back this gets the uper body warm and loosens up the spine. It makes stretching at the barre much easier.

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