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Aug 29, 2011

Saying Goodbye

One of the boys at my dance school, he's sixteen years old and one of my best friends, just got into the School of American Ballet. (AKA, the school EVERY ballet dancer wants to get into) I could not be more proud of him. He's worked so hard for this and deserves every little bit of it. But the tough part is... I am going to miss him SO much! I don't know how I'm going to survive the fall without me being able to look across the room and he's there making the stupidest face I've ever seen at me.

This post is dedicated to one of the funniest people I've ever met. I'll miss you Michael and good luck out there in the big city!

Aug 26, 2011

Pointe Shoe Problems

Pretty much every ballerina struggles at one point or another to find just the right pointe shoe. (If you haven't then I greatly envy you) During my six week intensive I was in between three different brands at once! (Russian Pointes, Capezios and Grishkos) That's quite the stretch and it took a toll on my feet as well. Now it's harsh but is 100% true, some pointe shoe fitters just aren't educated enough with feet and the anatomy of the body to know the right shoe to put you in.

That is truly the key, find a fitter that you can trust, is educated and wants the best for you, not just to make a sale. I've had fitters pushing certain shoes on me just because they are more expensive or have been in stock for a long period of time even if I wasn't so sure about them. Trust your instincts. If you don't absolutely love the shoes then don't buy them. These things are expensive and you may have to dance in them whether you want to or not as many dance stores don't take returns.

Try on a lot of shoes while you're at the store. Make an appointment and allow yourself time to weigh as many options as possible. Even if the fitter doesn't think a certain shoe would be good for you, ask to try it on for giggles because who knows, it could end up fitting like a glove. (This has happened to me on a few occasions)

I'm currently struggling to find the right shoe because while taking a trip to New York, I was fit in a pair of Grishko Triumphs. They're a new model and I absolutely love them. However, the makers are very inconsistent with their shoes. So inconsistent that it got to the point where I could hardly get my foot in one pair of 5 XXX but another pair of 5 XXX fit just right. SO frustrating. So I found that I'm just going to have to try on every pair of shoes before buying them to make sure they fit. One thing you can do is order shoes in bulk (meaning many pairs at once), go to the store once they're in and only buy the ones that fit. Many of my friends do this.
I'm currently using that method with both Grishkos Triumphs and Capezio Tiffany's. Very different shoes but I really like both.

Thanks guys! If you have any comments, questions or requests then leave a comment below!

Ballerinablogger ~

Response to Comments

Julie: My nails have been peeling lately so I really need to fix it! Any other suggestions except for the polish idea? Thanks* Have a fab day/night!

Ballerinablogger: Your nails are peeling? Ouch! My fingernails peel but never my toe nails. It sounds like using a nail strengthening polish is really the best option. I've heard that lemon juice can also strengthen nails but that may just be a rumor. Give it a try! :) Hope it helps!

Sofia: do you want to become a professional ballerina?

Ballerinablogger: Well Sofia, I would very much like to be, yes. I'm still fifteen so we'll see where my dancing will take me :)

Alright guys, we're running a bit low on requests! What would you like to know? If you left a request in a comment and I haven't written back already then I may not have gotten the e-mail linking to the comment. Please let me know what you ballerinas out there need help with/would like to talk about! :)

Ballerinablogger ~

Aug 17, 2011


For many of us, we're currently on a short summer vacation before the year starts. But that also may mean multiple weeks without dancing. I get a lot of questions about staying in shape over vacations so I'm going to re-post an article I had previously done on staying active and healthy over our breaks.

Over vacation we tend to lose a lot of the capability we had worked so hard for all year. First you lose your fouettes, then your turning ability, then slowly, your flexibility goes down the drain. Auditions for many schools and summer camps are in February/March, some not long after vacation. You'll want to be in tip top shape when those auditions roll around. Of course you should take time to slow down and enjoy the break while we have it, but here are some easy things you can do to keep some of that much-worked-for dexterity.
•Stretch. While you're sitting down in your living room watching the super bowl or some cheesy holiday special, lay yourself in a split. Stay there for a few minutes before switching to the other side. You'd be surprised how influential stretching over vacation can be.

•Jog. Keep that stamina up. After meals grab a few family members/friends and take a jog around town. It's actually a LOT more fun than it sounds, I promise. :)

•Plie. Stand at a window, hold onto a chair/table, whatever could suit as a barre and do a short barre. This is also a good time to correct any habits that you previously had as your body will forget how exactly to do things and it's a lot easier to correct those no-no's.

•Rest yourself. We have vacation for a reason, we need to give our hardworking bodies a break. Don't go overboard with any exercises/stretches as that defeats the purpose of the much needed rest. ;) It's the most wonderful time of the year... Enjoy it.

For any questions, comments or if you just want to talk you can either leave a comment below or contact me at: twilightdancer3@yahoo.com.

Thanks guys!