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Jul 31, 2011

Summer Pics (Weeks 1-4)

(epic game of Monopoly)

Wii boxing!

Hello everyone! I have now not posted for quite some time and I cannot say how sorry I am! I appreciate that everyone continues to check in and feel horrible that I have nothing new to show you guys. This summer has been nonstop since day 1 and finding time to write has been near to impossible. This is the first free moment I've had all weekend so I figured the least I could do is give you a quick update. The dancing pics will come more once our summer show starts up this coming weekend.

We will be performing three ballets choreographed by our company's artistic director, one of which will be a world premier. I'm very excited for these shows and even with these endless rehearsals I still feel somewhat unprepared. :(

Now as you may already know, this blog runs on the things that all of you want to know. I write based off of the requests you guys send me so please leave your requests in a comment or contact me here. There's been a shortage of requests lately, partially reason for the shortage of posts. :(

Leave me any questions, thoughts or hopes you've ever had regarding dance and I'll somehow turn it into a post. Thanks so much guys, I, again, am very sorry for being MIA. Hope to hear from you all soon! :)

Ballerinablogger ~

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