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Jul 31, 2011

Role Models

Recently in summer camp we had a class on the history of ballet. In this class we discussed our personal dance role models. Whether they're Margot Fonteyn or Sylvie Guillem, the range of ballerinas throughout the ages varies a drastic amount. What I'd like to know is who are your role models? What is the ballerina you look up to more than anyone else and aspire to one day be like?

My ballerina role model is Misty Copeland.

This girl proves that you don't have to be 5'7" to be a ballerina. (Despite her deceptively long lines she is only 5'2") She is she the first African American soloist with the American Ballet Theatre and is also a very curvy woman. She also proves that you don't have to be an A cup to be a professional ballerina. She continues to inspire me on a daily basis.

Do you have anyone like this in your life? If so then tell us in a comment below!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Hi there! Thanks for giving us an update:) Im really sorry about the somewhat harsh comment I left ya.... I have just REALLY been missing this blog! Misty is an amazing dancer and very inspiring:) I would have to go with Alina Cojocaru. She is one of the most talented dancers I have ever seen. Before all of my shows (or especially difficult classes) I always pull up the youtube vid of her doing don quixote.... It brings me close to tears every time! It is pure perfection (be sure to check it out!) Hmmm in response for post idea request, I would love to see one on ways/excercises to help you get en pointe faster. Thx soo much! Xoxo

  2. I totally look up to Polina Semionova; such perfection!

  3. natalia osipova! such an explosion of joy and virtuosity

  4. Alina Cojocaru! Because she had an injury but it didn't stop her from dancing and she is very expressive in her dance!