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Jun 26, 2011

Update 6/26/2011

Hello all!

First off, I plan to respond to everyone's comments asap, but rather than quickly answering them without truly thinking out a good response/plan I'd like to set up an hour or so in which I can actually think about just this.

My family and I are planning our annual 4th of July Party! (Yay!) That's one of the several things keeping me busy this week/weekend. As we speak my mother is calling me to work on yet another chore. -_-

Six whole weeks of summer camp start July fifth which is... Nine days away! (Jeezum that snuck up on me!) And yes I'm aware that the fifth is a Tuesday. Because of the layout of this year's calendar my camp is starting a day late and an extra hour is added onto every day in the first week.

(My goodness people won't stop calling my name!)

Alright I guess I've got to go. As soon as the Fourth of July weekend is over things will be much more calm and I'll have more time to post some great articles for you guys :)

Thank you all for reading/continuing to check in! I apologize for not posting more often but I promise this stretch shouldn't last much longer.

Have a great day everyone!

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Jun 21, 2011

Misty Copeland

This girl is my favorite dancer and inspiration for dancing. Her story is absolutely incredible. She goes from having next to nothing to being a soloist with the American Ballet Theatre. She's amazing.

Jun 13, 2011

Girl Talk. Dealing with Mother Nature.

Mother nature's monthly gift is difficult enough to deal with without having to worry about wearing a leotard and tights and moving... A lot. I've heard several different methods of dealing with all that girl stuff and I think the best way to discover what's best for you is to experiment. I'm gonna give a last "girl talk" warning here. :P

The way most girls see it is, if you want to be a dancer you have to wear a tampon. I have a few friends who opt not to but it is much more difficult to work around especially during a show when you CANNOT stain your costume!

However, if you don't or can't wear a tampon then you can find a way around it. Many dancers today are finding themselves fond of trash bag shorts.

Click HERE to see more

If you wear a pad with a leotard and tights you can undoubtedly see it. Some teachers don't like it when their students wear shorts so I would discuss it with your instructor beforehand and let them know why you need to wear them, they'll understand. However, if you wear a pad the risk of leaking through is greater and I find it immensely more uncomfortable. But everybody has a different situation and I suggest experimenting and seeing what you like best. If you have a really heavy flow it is safer to wear a tampon.

During a performance in which you only have one costume and can't wear shorts to hide a pad, you really do need to wear a tampon. I have an over-twenty-year-old friend who gets her period during every show without fail. She has yet to figure out why but just to be safe she usually puts in a tampon before putting her costume on.
At my school we have a story that's been told for a decade. During a dress rehearsal for Swan Lake one of the corps de ballet dancers was wearing a white swan tutu and suddenly got her period. She was on stage at the time and the other dancers let her know as soon as she was in the wings. Incredibly embarrassed she went down to the costuming room and they bleached the tutu before opening night. Our motto in the dressing room for every performance since then has been: "when in doubt, put in a tampon!"

In the end it's totally up to you as to how you're going to handle that "time of the month".

Hope this helps girls! If you have any more comments, questions or requests then leave a comment below :)

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Jun 9, 2011

On Tour!

Now some of you may already know, but I am currently a member of a small company. Recently we were asked to bring two of our ballets to a town about four hours away, all expenses paid. It was an amazing opportunity and I'm so glad that I got to be a part of it!
For safety reasons, I'm going to dance around specifics and not reveal town or business names. Here's a short and sweet version of our adventure:

The dancers, chaperone's and others that had been asked to go on this trip all gathered at the school at 10:00 AM. Those of us still in school skipped for the day and that right there was enough to stir the excitement. We divided ourselves into as few cars as possible and set out. The drive was near to four hours and thanks to today's technology it seemed much shorter. Anxious texting between cars and movies in the backseat kept everyone entertained.
Before even reaching the motel we headed straight to the theatre for show number one.

Aside from a couple costume malfunctions the show went really well! Exhausted and hungry we finally headed to the motel.
The pool was the main reason we requested that specific motel...

After our swim we walked to an adorable little diner across the street. Everyone had a great time with the exception of the poor waitress!
She liked to shush us :P

The next morning our artistic director offered a master class for the local schools that also served as a warm-up for our second performance.

Tiiime for show number two.

It was such a fantastic opportunity and I'm so glad that we all got to go!

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