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May 19, 2011

Recital Time!

It's about that time that schools are finishing up their year and offering a final performance of the season. I know that during my school's recital it's extremely hectic and everyone is feeling a bit flustered. Here is a list of things that you will need so you can feel better prepared for that year-end show.

  • Costumes. This is a given, but you'd be surprised how many people forget pieces of the costume or their costume altogether! Go through every piece and accessory before leaving for the show.
  • Makeup. Also an obvious one, but you don't want to show up at the auditorium and realize that you've forgotten your lipstick.
  • Hair supplies. Bobby pins, hair pins, brush, elastics, HAIRSPRAY IS A MUST-HAVE!
  • Shoes. Pointe shoes, tap shoes, ballet flats, jazz shoes, character shoes... Whatever you may need, make sure you have them!
  • Water bottle. I know I always like to have a water bottle after I come off stage panting.
  • Warm-ups (optional) You'll probably want to warm up for your number to prevent injury.
  • Bobby pins. I know I already said that but seriously... You'll need a lot of bobby pins.
And there you have it! For other performances I find myself needing more supplies (still not sure why that is) but these are the must-haves of recitals. You can bring an iPod or music playing device to calm yourself down before a show or whatever else you may want to help you feel ready to go out on stage. Break a leg everyone!

Ballerinablogger ~
(My ballet recital 2010)


  1. Thanks so much for this!! My show is coming up too!! I am soo nervous!! What dances are you doing for yours?? What music?? My class is doing two contemporary-ish kind of dances to the songs 'bent out of shape' and 'stop drop and roll' by a band called 'the squirrel nut zippers'!! hahaha weird i know....

  2. Hi Ballerinablogger! Me again :) Thanks for this awesome post! the only other thing i would add to your list that is absolutely needed for my recitals are safety pins..... i use them for everything! But other than that love your list, so helpful ( that's all i ever say but it is really true! ) Hope your having a great day!

  3. Hey! I have a problem... wondering if you could help me? so like my costume for my recital is a blue lyrical dress and it is like really tight. so i just tried it on after class and it is like super see through and thin so you can kinda see everything and my chest is like spilling out of the top and it was so embarrassing!... so i really don't know what to do! Help my show is like really soon!