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Feb 19, 2011

Find of the Week

Discount Dance Supply's Halter Leotard

I absolutely love this leotard. It's comfortable and affordable and just downright pretty! I have the royal blue color shown above. I would highly recommend it to anyone especially for those of us with a slightly larger bust size as it's very supportive.



For many of us, we're currently on a short summer vacation before the year starts. But that also may mean multiple weeks without dancing. I get a lot of questions about staying in shape over vacations so I'm going to re-post an article I had previously done on staying active and healthy over our breaks.

Over vacation we tend to lose a lot of the capability we had worked so hard for all year. First you lose your fouettes, then your turning ability, then slowly, your flexibility goes down the drain. Auditions for many schools and summer camps are in February/March, some not long after vacation. You'll want to be in tip top shape when those auditions roll around. Of course you should take time to slow down and enjoy the break while we have it, but here are some easy things you can do to keep some of that much-worked-for dexterity.
•Stretch. While you're sitting down in your living room watching the super bowl or some cheesy holiday special, lay yourself in a split. Stay there for a few minutes before switching to the other side. You'd be surprised how infulential stretching over vacation can be.

•Jog. Keep that stamina up. After meals grab a few family members/friends and take a jog around town. It's actually a LOT more fun than it sounds, I promise. :)

•Plie. Stand at a window, hold onto a chair/table, whatever could suit as a barre and do a short barre. This is also a good time to correct any habits that you previously had as your body will forget how exactly to do things and it's a lot easier to correct those no-no's.

•Rest yourself. We have vacation for a reason, we need to give our hardworking bodies a break. Don't go overboard with any exercises/stretches as that defeats the purpose of the much needed rest. ;) It's the most wonderful time of the year... Enjoy it.

For any questions, comments or if you just want to talk you can either leave a comment below or contact me at: twilightdancer3@yahoo.com.

Thanks guys!


Feb 13, 2011

Update, February 13th

Gah I've been busy, busy, busy! With schoolwork, dance and all of the extra rehearsals we've been having lately I've been runnin' all over the place. I think I might be coming down with something but thank goodness it's only one more week until February vacation. (Something I desperately need)
This is the first day in about two weeks that I haven't had to go anywhere. Other than some babysitting tonight I'm finally free! I'll be spending the day watching dance movies, finishing English work and hopefully having a photography session at some point. (A great way to spend my Valentine's day weekend... I know...)
I don't actually have much to say or announce right now, I just figured an update for the first time in forever was in order.
Now I'm going to go begin my well planned, low-key Sunday. X) Thanks for reading!

Choosing the Right Summer Camp

There are a million different summer camps out there. From full out summer intensives that last six weeks to a one week camp, from several thousand dollars to several hundred dollars, from a thousand miles away to five miles away, there are plenty of options. So how do you narrow down which one is the right choice for you, artistically and financially?
First off, you're going to need to have a list of all your options. If you're subscribed to Pointe Magazine, they usually have a long list of summer camps in the back. If you're not then I would suggest checking out this list of summer camps courtesy of www.dancemagazine.com/.

Now unfortunately, I can't tell you which summer camps are the best option for you/your family. That's where you come in and a bit of research is probably a good idea before you make any decisions. You should definitely check out websites and Facebook pages and ask around to see where other fellow dancers have gone over the summer. Be sure to ask their opinion and whether or not they'd go back.

There are many auditions this time of year. Be sure to check out my article all about auditioning and in it are some tips you may want to know:

If you have any audition success stories or questions about a summer camp, perhaps someone could help! Leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading, commenting and continuing to follow my blog everyone!