Jan 29, 2011


Hey everyone! I know I haven't posted in FOREVER and I am very, very sorry about that! :'( We have a lot to catch up on so here's a brief overview of what's happened in between now and the last time I posted:
  • In my ballet school's upcoming production of Sleeping Beauty I have been cast as the Woodland Glade Fairy and the Sapphire Fairy. I'm very excited as both of these variations are incredibly difficult. You can probably YouTube Woodland Glade but many companies take the Sapphire variation out of the show.
  • I got my permit! XD
  • Usual teen-girl stuff... AKA boys ;)
  • Attempting to figure out what I'm going to do with my life...
So yeah, it's been a pretty interesting time period. I'll hopefully have the chance to post rather than being MIA to the blogging world.
I've got a couple ideas for articles up my sleeve so please stick around to read em'. :)


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