Dec 17, 2010

Find of the Week!

With Christmas right around the corner, I figured people are going to need some gift ideas whether it's for a teacher, friend or family member. So here are some great gift-related finds for this week. :)

Glitter Ballerina Ornament from Discount Dance Supply
These little ornaments are really cute and really cheap. A super easy gift for basically any dancer. Here's the link: http://www.discountdance.com/frame_set.php3?mf=/dancewear/shoes/page1

2011 Balanchine Calendar from Discount Dance Supply
I get this calendar almost every year and the pictures are just gorgeous. It's inspiring to wake up every morning and see some of my favorite dances of all time on the wall.

Sure Foot Foot Rubz™ Massager from Discount Dance Supply
Whatever dancer you buy this for will love you forever. http://www.discountdance.com/frame_set.php3?mf=/dancewear/mens-and-unisex/page1

Dance Sweatshirt from Dancewear Solutions
Warm-ups are an easy gift for any dancer and the best part is... They will get used. Every dancer loves a good variety of warm-ups. I'm actually asking for this sweatshirt for Christmas... Hehe :)

Alrighty! So there you have a few holiday gift ideas. Thanks for reading everyone!


Favorite Dancers

We all have our favorite dancers. Those artists whom we look up to and admire and continue to help us work harder everyday. I learn new names and watch new talent all the time, but these five dancers are the ones that never fail to impress me and take my breath away. Here are my top five role models :)

5: Lucia Lacarra
Lucia is a principal ballet dancer with the Bayerisches Staatsballett in Munich. Her gorgeous lines and captivating expressions have bewildered me since I saw this video.

4: Alina Cojocaru
A member of the Royal Ballet, Alina guest performs with artists worldwide and has performed practically every role in the book. My favorite of hers being her adorable and innocent portrayal of "Aurora" in the "Sleeping Beauty."

3: Sylvie Guillem
Sylvie Guillem is arguably the definition of the perfect ballerina. Her legs extend for miles and her feet are more arched than any other foot I've ever seen. Her body seems to move without ever touching the ground. This was the first video I ever saw of her and my jaw literally dropped.

2: Svetlana Zakharova
Svetlana is a principle dancer with the Bolshoi Ballet in Moscow as well as a guest performer around the globe. Built similarly to Sylvie Guillem with her arched feet and long lines, she is a gorgeous dancer but I think what captivated me was her amazing acting ability. She devotes herself to a role completely, body, mind and soul.

1: Polina Semionova
Polina has become a bit of an Internet sensation in the ballet world. As she dances in a music video that she was fortunate enough to be cast in, feeling just seeps out from her body with every perfect point of her foot or develope of her leg. I've never found another dance video that celebrates the human body quite as well. Polina has a beautiful womanly shape and is made up of practically nothing but muscle. Her genuine expressions transform her into a totally believable character. She is without a doubt my favorite ballerina.

Who's your greatest role model? What ballerina do you watch when you're in need of inspiration? Post a comment below to let us know :)

Thanks for reading!


Dec 15, 2010

Backstage at the Nutcracker

Here are some pics of our backstage fun! :)

Audience! :D

I was tired... And the table looked comfortable...

My sister who we call the "Card Shark" :P

We play A LOT of cards backstage

^ Me ^

Little pages at their first rehearsal on stage! :)

Stage lights

Hmm... I think Drosselmeyer brought one doll too many. ;)

Party Girls in the first act

Peanutbutter straight from the jar. :)

Dec 14, 2010

Top Dance Blog Contest - Dance Advantage

Hey readers! I was recently left a comment regarding a competition for the "Top Dance Blog" and would like to send a thank-you to the blogger who left it. Thank you! :)

So, I've gladly decided to enter the competition. I've been running this blog for about a year and a half and SO much has happened in that time frame. As I look back at all of my posts throughout the year it's just crazy to see how much can change in such a short amount of time... (Gah! Now I'm getting all weepy-eyed!)

Well ANYWAY, here's the link to the contest in case any of you other ballet-bloggers wanted to submit your blog: http://danceadvantage.net/2010/12/08/top-dance-blog/

You can support my blog in the contest by voting! All you have to do is post a comment below! Just something short and sweet would be awesome! :D To help any further you can spread the word about my blog on Facebook/Twitter or even in person to your friends. Don't forget to tell them to vote too! :)

Thank you to every last one of my readers, you guys are truly awesome!


Keeping Your Head in the Game

Christmas vacation is coming right up! (Where has the time gone?!) Over vacation we tend to lose a lot of the capability we had worked so hard for all year. First you lose your fouettes, then your turning ability, then slowly, your flexibility goes down the drain. Auditions for many schools and summer camps are in January, not long after vacation. You'll want to be in tip top shape when those auditions roll around. Of course you should take time to slow down and enjoy the holidays while they're here, but here are some easy things you can do to keep some of that much-worked-for dexterity.

  • Stretch. While you're sitting down in your living room watching the super bowl or some cheesy holiday special, lay yourself in a split. Stay there for a few minutes before switching to the other side. You'd be surprised how infulential stretching over vacation can be.
  • Jog. Keep that stamina up. After your big holiday feasts grab a few family members/friends and jog around your festively decked town. It's actually a LOT more fun than it sounds, I promise. :)
  • Plie. Stand at a window, hold onto a chair/table, whatever could suit as a barre and do a short barre. This is also a good time to correct any habits that you previously had as your body will forget how exactly to do things and it's a lot easier to correct those no-no's all we all have.
  • Rest yourself. We have vacation for a reason, we need to give our hardworking bodies a break. Don't go overboard with any exercises/stretches as that defeats the purpose of the much needed rest. ;) It's the most wonderful time of the year... Enjoy it.
For any questions, comments or if you just want to talk you can either leave a comment below or contact me at: twilightdancer3@yahoo.com.
Thanks guys!

Dec 13, 2010

I'm Still Alive!

Sorry I haven't written a while guys. Life's been crazy. Nutcracker has just finished and I started drivers ed the day after the first show. Gah! Busy busy...
Here are some pictures from the performance:
 These photos ©Chris Church

There should be more up soon, but as of right now that's all I could get a hold of. :)

I thought I was gonna be really nervous to perform this role. I mean for my first solo... That's a pretty big task at hand. But as I was waiting in the wings, putting some rosin on my shoes and pacing like I always do before a show, I stopped and realized that I wasn't nervous at all. It was the strangest thing because usually before a performance I can get quite jittery and those butterflies in my stomach are really apparent. But it was awesome to take my partners hand, hear that incredibly climactic music and feel completely ready to run out on that stage.

I think the trick to calming those nerves is to not have to think. After months of running that dance over... and over... and over again, I was quite confident that I knew it. So before going on stage I wasn't constantly running it in my head. In fact, I wasn't thinking about it at all. I was just watching the dancers before me, going about my pre-performance routine completely calm. Maybe at a certain point you have enough experience to not worry as much anymore. Obviously it's not good to not worry AT ALL but you want to feel prepared and confident that you can go out there and perform to the best of your ability.

Thanks for reading/checking in guys! I'll post ASAP!