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Oct 12, 2010

Find of the Week

Mukluks are basically like slippers and I use mine almost on a daily basis. They are so warm and comfortable! During shows when I'm at the auditorium all day, I'll wear these around the dressing room and even over my pointe shoes to keep my feet warm. Although they are fairly durable, I would not suggest wearing them outside. I've had mine for almost four years and they're still going strong! Some people disagree, but I find that putting them through the washer/dryer on a gentle cycle helps a lot. It almost restores them to their original quality. These things are affordable and awesome and they make amazing presents! For our Secret Santa we do at the ballet school every year, most dancers buy these. :P They come in a bunch of different colors and I've never seen two exactly alike.
Mukluks can be bought in various stores but the best/cheapest, in my opinion, you can buy at the links above.

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