Aug 7, 2010

Week 5

Alriiight. Week 5 is over! ONLY ONE MORE!
I'll hopefully have the video of my variation up soon but right now it's a super busy day.
Last night was the opening night of Firebird/Bach Concerti. It went fabulously. I was really pleased with the overall night and I got to see a bunch of my friends and family. From here on out it's smooth sailing. (I think...)
There's one more show tonight at 7:00 and then we have a "break" until next Friday. Although that "break" is really the last week of summer camp, AKA, the week where we all lay down and die.
So yeah, it's bound to be fun! ;)
I'll be posting some pics soon, maybe even tonight and the variation video will be up at least by Monday.
Thanks to everyone who has stayed with me all summer and thanks to all you newcomers too! You guys are awesome!



  1. Dear ballerinablogger-
    im really glad that your summmer has been going spendidly!! My summer also has been quite an adventure. Well im from a small town in England but this summer I danced at the Joffrey Ballet in Chicago while i was visiting my grandmother. Its very nice to know others are having an amazing summer!!!!

    sincerely yours,
    Cecilia <3

  2. Oh i alost forgot to say that the picture of you is really fantastic!! haha great job!!

    Cecilia <3

  3. Cecilia,

    Oh fantastic! The Joffrey is an amazing school and it's great to have danced with such talented people and be instructed by so many great teachers. Congrats!

    And thank you! :)