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Aug 2, 2010

Week 4

Sorry it took so long for me to get this post up! Busy, busy, busy!

Last week I chose to do the Black Swan variation. It was an incredible challenge but it was an amazing amount of fun. By the end of the variation my leg was numb! And then I had to go back on stage and do 32 fouettes!

To any prima ballerinas who have ever done the full roles of Odette/Odile, I have no idea how you do it! You guys are super-women!

Here's the variation:

This week is going to be insane. I have dress rehearsals for our upcoming show on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and then Friday/Saturday we have shows. I'm going to be exhausted.

This is also my first tutu ballet! I'm finally going to get to wear those amazing tutus with all the glitter and glam! I'm so pumped!

Hopefully I'll get some pictures up soon.

Thanks for reading everyone! You guys are great! :)

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  1. I definitely think this is the best video of you so far. You look FABULOUS in this role! Great job!