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Aug 25, 2010

A Level of Balance

Balancing your grades and social life as well as your dancing career is a very daunting task. You wake up, throw on some clothes, pop a banana in your mouth and head off to school. Then after 7-8 hours of exercising your brain, you head to ballet class to exercise everything else. After those two hours (Or more) of hardcore dancing, your body is exhausted and your brain is fried. But guess what! Now you get to go home and work on the pile of homework you have waiting for you. It's a rough lifestyle that usually only the fully committed can pull off.

The trick to it is this... Wait. First make sure everyone else in the room is gone. This is a BIG secret! Okay, are you alone? Good. The secret is...


Yup! That's all it is. Now here's what I'm going to ask you to do, take the major aspects of your life and put them on a scale. Take your family, your social life (outside of family), your dancing career, your education, your job, your other extracurricular activities, take it all! Now, one by one, weigh all of those important parts of your life.

As this is a metaphorical scale, you'll need to do some thinking. Every person's scale will reveal something different. Some people may not find their social life to be a vital part of their life, but find their dancing career to be a part of their very heart and soul. Some people may realize that their job is of greater importance to them, some people may realize their friends are the legs they stand on, some may realize their family will always come first, some may realize that their schooling is essential. The answers will most definitely vary.

After you've weighed all of that (which may take a while) act on your newly found information.

So here's an example, say you realize that your family, dancing career and schooling are the most important things to you. The goal is to balance all three things and to reach your standards for all three. That is something much easier said than done!

On weekdays you could go to school, go to dance class and when you come home to have dinner/do homework, you eat with your family and if you can manage it, do homework around your family members. Then on the weekends you can schedule family events such as dinners, movies, amusement parks etc. (No I'm serious)

I know it's tough and many people don't appreciate all of the hard work dancers put into their lives as well as the lives of others.

The other day I was at my brother's football practice and heard a man yell "they're looking like a bunch of ballerinas, you gotta suck it up!" I was highly offended. Ballet is one of the most physically demanding activities there are. I later Googled to see what officially was the most physically demanding sport but the problem is, many people don't consider ballet a sport. I personally disagree. A sport is a physical activity in which you can compete. Have these people ever heard of a dance competition?! I believe ballet is the ultimate activity because it doubles as a sport and an art. Not only do you have to do these extremely physically demanding movements, you have to look good and graceful while doing them.

So anyway, my point being that the life of a ballet dancer is no walk in the park. You have to be determined, committed and you need to shoot for the stars.

I wish you all luck!

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions, comments or requests please post a comment below or e-mail me at: twilightdancer3@yahoo.com


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  1. i HIGHLY agree. thank you for pointing out that dance is not just a sport but a ballet as well. This post made me think of this quote:
    "Someone once said that dancers work just as hard as policeman, always alert, always tense, but see, policeman don't have to be beautiful at the same time"
    -George Balanchine