Aug 16, 2010

End of Summer camp performance

Alright, I have the final videos of the summer for you! I was so incredibly nervous during this and am surprised that I made it out alive!

Here is the Sugarplum variation:

And here is the Sugarplum pas de duex. I don't think I've ever been so nervous for a performance as this one!

This summer has been so incredibly amazing. I laughed, I cried, I sweat, I died. (I just made a rhyme! It had to be done) After that performance ^ we went out for lunch and were back in the building about an hour later. And moments later we were on stage again performing our last performance of Firebird/Bach. It went very well and I am so glad to have finally finished and get a break before school starts.

This weekend I invited all of my dancing gang out to my house and we had the most epic sleepover of my life. It was the most bazaar summer but I couldn't have asked for anything better. I absolutely love my friends and believe that the friends you have at dancing are the friends you'll have for a lifetime. How could I live without them?! (Shoutout! I love you Emily, Sara, Lindsay, Hannah, Michael, Maiki and Nathaniel!)

... Now I have to clean up after that amazing sleepover so... I'll hopefully post again soon. (Not that there will be much to write about with vacation just starting up)

Thanks for reading everyone!



  1. Aw you did so beautifully! Considering how little time you had to learn that WHOLE pas and how you had so little time to rehearse it is amazing! Wonderful job! :)

  2. what performance is this? why are you all not in costumes?

  3. It wasn't a legitimate performance. It was a "Friday performance" that we have at the end of each week of summer camp. (I did six weeks) It is basically a way for us to show the teachers, artistic director and our friends and family what we can do without actually performing the whole ballet. At some intensives you are required to wear pastelle colored leotards for the performance, our dress code is a black leotard, pink tights and a black skirt.

  4. I think you could definitely work on your turnout during the little things. You know, walking or steps where you are not posing. But other than that beautiful job! You performed the sugar plum pas (almost completely) at 14?! Wow! Props for having the guts to do that. And you and your partner even pulled out a triple at the end, tough stuff!